Make proactive strategies and take opportunities heads on with Mihup's interaction analytics solution. VIA is an omnichannel solution that identifies business topics and provides actionable insights from all customer interactions. It allows visualisation of the analysis with dashboards and reports. It enables businesses to conduct 100% interaction analysis from calls, emails & chats to understand the "Voice of the Customer".


Improve Customer
Satisfaction & Retention

Monitor all interactions to get the process compliance status. Respond to high priority escalations through event analysis

Increase Sales

Drive higher sale conversions by empowering supervisors with insights from sales interactions for agent skill enhancements

Drive Collections

Improve overall collections by focussing on events highlighted from collections interactions, providing insights for enhancing overall agent skills

Better Cost

Reduce Avarage Handle Time (AHT), increase First Call Resolution (FCR) leading to better agent utilization and cost savings

Competitive Edge
Through Deep Insights

Analyse entire interaction data in optimized time. Get ahead of the competition by gaining actionable insights proactively


Plug-n-Play solutions for omni-channel interactions - voice, e-mail & chat - across multiple industry platforms

Features & Capabilities

Versatile On Premise Or Cloud Deployment

Can be deployed on cloud or on premise for highly regulated industries to maintain data privacy

Multi-Lingual Support

Best in class Mixed Language Speech Recognition Engine, tuned for the Indian vernacular and global languages encompassing their varied multiple dialects, tones & accents

Sentiment Analysis

Detect instances of Interjection, Silence & levels of Voice Energy on the call to pick out problematic voice interactions

Intent Identification

Understand the intentions behind customer queries to automate processes and gain insights from customer interactions

Multi Variant Analysis

Combine the quantum of interaction meta data with insight analyser to derive deeper business intelligence