Next generation Voice AI platform scaling to multiple languages & dialects quickly

Built on four pillars – (1) Speech to text engine (2) Query understanding framework (3) Information Retrieval (4) Dialogue Manager powered by Text to speech. Deep neural network based custom embeddings model for India’s diverse linguisitics which is also conducive to other global languages unlike competition.

Smaller footprint allows edge computing usage as well as cloud computing usage. Performance, accuracy has been proven to be better as evaluated by customers. Patented multi dialect recognition recognition is a key differentiation not available at the same level sophistication with competition.



Model trained for each customer

Reliable at any condition

Great on Calls, Meetings, Automotive interface

Loaded with Enterprise features

Ultra fast x speed up in GPU and 12x speed up in the 800 MHZ dual core embedded ARM SOC.

Learn product name, Jargons, Acronyms and Names

Extremely Reliable with 99% SLA


Noise Cancellation

Speaker Identification


Voice Energy

Cross Talk

Dead Air