Speech is the simplest and most human communication method.


Why Mihup?

The biggest barrier - MMI - Man Machine Interface. Multiple factor lies behind this barrier. We have pitchforked the western dev paradigm (unlike China) - which serves the first 200 million (trails of in effectiveness beyond the first 75-80 million).We leapfrogged the tech chasm but did not evolve through understanding UX. The fact is most people are tech phobic when it comes to interactive communication. They are scared of being judged by a machine for their proficiency. Mihup aspires to be the solution for this. It is mainly a display less interaction mode for any sort of intermediary communication needed to come to the end result. The end result is displayed/enacted depending on the need for its best display. In the future we feel everything will be chatty.. every interaction even today is essentially a chat.. a series of related pieces of communication to converge to a solution. Be it human to human, human to machine, machine to human or machine to machine. Mihup aspires to that protocol of conversation. It wants to sit between the actors (Human or machine) and interpret in a unified common language by removing personal biases or specific terminologies to generic unbiased one.

What is Mihup?

Mihup is powered by intelligent voice interfaces for any device or application. It can deliver human-like understanding of naturally spoken queries for large, complex content domains. Available as either an on premise solution or a cloud based offering. Mihup is built on Automatic Speech Recognition (Offline and Online) in Indian languages with an AI foundation for scale and reliability in natural language processing (NLP) and information retrieval (IR). It offers flexibility to support customer-specified features, content domains. Media and Entertainment, consumer electronics, IoT, retail and e-commerce, automotive, BFSI are among the industry segments can be benefited from Mihup’s capabilities.