Build an accurate & intuitive voice interface
in Indian languages powered by Mihup


"Mihup can be integrated to any device or application."

Media & Entertainment

Mihup gives service operators and OEMS the ability to find shows, programme, changing tv channels and on-demand content just by speaking with ease and simplicity.

Connected Car

Onboard speech driven communication and security system in car to provide speech-enabled, handsfree cell phone, navigation, security and remote diagnostics features to drivers.

Intelligent IVRS

Mihup will automatically transcribe the conversation between the caller and the service agent, profile the caller by automatically detecting inappropriate words, sentences filtering, speaker segmentation on the entire conversation.

Smart Home

Mihup Smart home application will incorporate voice driven command and control interface to smart switches, weather control devices, security devices and so on.

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We provide intelligent voice recognition interface for
Indian Languages in both Online
& Offline mode.

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