Sales Process Enhancement - VIA

Improved product positioning

Actionable insights into customer preference for competitor products

Drive Sales Conversions by upto 30%

Problem Statement

The Customer is a digital insurance company with over 50 million customers. Being the fastest scaling Insurance company, it has an interaction volume of around 10,000 outbound calls to customers per day. The tracking of customer feedback from these calls, especially with regard to the company’s products/prices in comparison to competitors was a pain point that needed immediate resolution.

The reason for this problem was the limited customer interaction analysis, which was being done using conventional manual sample-based methods. Despite having large interaction data, they could manually analyse only ~2-5% of total interactions. This gave the Executive Management low visibility on what the customers were saying about the product and their preferences when compared with other competitor products.


The client migrated from manual to automated analysis of interactions using Mihup’s VIA to analyse 100% interactions on a daily basis.

The Virtual Interaction Analyst provided insights from Sales Interactions on how supervisors could drive Higher Sales Conversions by analysing for competitor products, negative dispositions for the product or service, negative customer experience dispositions. Additionally, the Word Cloud feature helped in predictive forecasting by understanding the most common utterances by customers.