Customer Service Reformation - VIA

1 lakh+ interactions analyzed daily

Employees deliver higher quality service

Cost Optimization through analyzing “purpose of call”

Problem Statement

With the mission of “Build the fastest and most reliable logistics network by empowering a million micro entrepreneurs through technology to deliver anything, anywhere”, this last mile delivery company is scaling and growing rapidly with about 1 Lakh+ Voice call interaction between customers and delivery agents. With the present manual analysis of 3% , management is not able to get insights into the interactions between the customers and delivery agents.


This last mile giant wanted to analyze 100% of voice calls to get insights to improve CX, productivity of the delivery agents, which will eventually reduce the cost per delivery. Some of the key areas it wants to analyze are the “purpose of the call”, whether it is from riders or from customers, whether it is to cancel or to check the address or to reschedule. It was able to reduce the unnecessary calls and track “Rider Behavior” – by checking whether the rider was adhering to the process and talking politely to the customer.