Virtual Agent for Auto - AVA

Offline & Online Smart

Deployed in Passenger & Commercial Vehicles

Replaced solution of incumbent global leader

Problem Statement

This automotive manufacturer, a well-diversified, highly successful, and globally recognized automobile giant could be identified as one of the most remarkable corporate-success stories from India in recent times. Its collaboration with Mihup goes back to the end of 2018 and early 2019, when the former decided to bring in voice assistance in its private vehicle sector. Mihup’s natural language voice recognition engine, with dynamic response, was clearly the apt choice.


Over the next two years, this merger led to two dynamic teams coming together to form a system that could introduce new innovations; featuring Personality Mapping for Voice Tonality, identifying User Persona, Multimodal Interactions and so on. With over 30+ use cases, excellent user experience, customized Wake-up Word for brand identity, Mihup’s dynamic support was made available in major Indian languages, which works without internet across 36+ domains and over the air updates.