Solving For Customer Escalations through - VIA

100% Interactions Analysed
- up from 30% coverage

Full Visibility into critical interactions

85% Reduction in Escalations
- currently standing at 0.001% of total interactions

Problem Statement

The Customer is a tech. company in the Banking and Finance sector, providing small time loans and cashbacks on online spend by its customers. It has an interaction volume of around 2000 calls and 1000 emails per day. There were frequent instances of un-responded escalations to the Senior Management and RBI leading to huge amounts of time being spent in the de-escalations later. It adversely impacted the brand image of the company

The reason for this problem was the limited customer interaction analysis, which was being done using conventional manual sample-based methods. Despite having large interaction data, they could manually analyse only ~30 % of total interactions. This led to increased Senior Management and Regulator escalations, on a regular basis.


The client migrated from manual to automated analysis of interactions using Mihup’s VIA. They went with the omnichannel approach - using VQA to analyse 100% interactions on a daily basis, across emails and calls.

The Virtual Interaction Analyst highlighted not only the cases where escalations were happening but also interactions that could be potential escalations. They address these VIA flagged interactions within 24 hours. This led to the Senior Management and Regulator escalations coming down by 85%, hence currently standing at just 0.001 % of total interaction volume