Process Improvements for Customer Satisfaction Enhancement - VIA

Selected amongst 9 competitors on basis of benchmarkable accuracy

Bringing CX Improvement and Process Excellence

Problem Statement

This food tech startup has not only grown to become a leader in the Indian food delivery sector but also successfully entered the club of Indian unicorns. By consistently improving customer experience and shrinking delivery timelines, it has built an ever expanding customer base. It typically receives around 40,000 calls from its customers in a day. This high volume of calls was making it difficult for the team to seamlessly track customer experience issues and process lapses arising day to day.


The immediate ask was to identify these inefficiencies - which may be due Restaurants or due to Delivery Executives which are affecting the Customer Experience and solve the same. As the call volumes increase, automating the quality process is the only and right option. This food tech leader chose to onboard speech to text analytics solution for its online delivery platform. Mihup edged out 9 other competitors in this space to provide the best accuracy in the ASR decoded transcriptions. Within a span of only three months of pilot, Mihup successfully reached and breached the benchmark accuracy numbers.

The robust and highly scalable solution offered by Mihup has now been extended to a successful collaboration with multi team initiatives within the organisation to bring about operational excellence.