Voice - The Last Frontier

Author : Bhaskar Misra, Product Manager

Voice - The Last Frontier

Over the years, companies have invested a lot in developing applications to support their sales and customer service. There has been advancement in analysing customer communication over multiple channels like Chats, Calls and Emails. Usually Chats and Emails become the voice of customer which tells the organisation about the gaps they need to fill in their product or service. 


How Chatbots have evolved? 


The focus of chatbots in the customer service scenario is to address customer issues. These are usually predefined text based questions which the customer selects from the menu and bot answers them. Also bots do know the customer history and gives context to conversation.
 Imagine a message from a customer to a food delivery service. The bot knows that the customer has recently placed an order and is most likely to ask for order status or cancellation. The bot may show some empathy by the usage of certain words and phrases, but the human touch of a natural conversation is yet to be mastered. Complex queries from bots are usually transferred to a customer service agent. 


For sales, the chatbots has a limited functionality. They usually take customer requirement upfront and makes 'Contact Us' more engaging. Chatbots are not only integrated with websites but are also answering customer queries through apps like Whatsapp, FB Messenger. 




The oldest way to communicate in the digital era, is still ruling certain areas of customer service and sales. Escalations of any sorts are now being emailed. Sales sends their quotations and do a followup on emails. Emails are evolving with AMP based technology taking the lead. In future emails wont be a static email, they would be apps in themselves. 


Voice - The Last frontier 


Analysing text based conversation is easier, voice is tough. There are no fixed automated templates yet it contains the nuggets of gold. The human voice reveals much more than they would write on a text message. The true sentiments of a customer would be known 


How are Mihup Products redefining the landscape? 


Mihup products like VIA (https://mihup.com/via), AVA (https://mihup.com/ava_cc) are doing what google has done in online search. We have processed millions of minutes of data and are continuously learning how people in India interact, which tone sets up a great sales pitch. What is the end customers asking, whats their intention, what would be the ideal duration of a call, how an irate customer vents out their frustration and a good customer service agents calms the situation. 


Mihup Products like VIA is an AI based solution which learns and classifies voice communication into Good, Bad, Neutral. It also has been training to understand the intent of a call. For example it can auto label a call as 'Customer Refund' . This helps quality analysts, leaders to understand and have a quick view of 


Organisations spends millions of dollars to acquire customers and then further on their activation. Customer retention is closely linked with customer service. Bad customer service would lead your end customer trying competitors. It also derails efforts on creating a loyal customer. It's now a cliche to emphasise how customer retention and loyalty is important for a business over a high cost marketing driven customer acquisition. 


Great Customer Service = Customer Loyalty + Retention 


To top it all, Mihup Platform is Omnichannel solution , it gives a 360 degree view of conversations. One doesn't have to browse multiple applications to know whats happening in each channel. 


Why is voice and not visual communication the last frontier? Video calls are important. Video calling is happening a lot but not all calls which are made are video, customers don't usually come to video. Also video without spoken words have limited usage. Videos are going to augment audio and the sentiments in a call. 


The Future we are closing towards