An automated customer care platform that handles customer interactions in multiple languages and resolves queries accurately in a natural human voice.


Handle Inbound Calls

Handle incoming calls, from lead qualification to addressing customer queries. Easily transfer calls to human agents for complex queries

Automate Customer Surveys

Automate customer feedback, gather product reviews, conduct market research or measure satisfaction with voice sentiment analysis

Automated Customer
Query Handling

Eliminate complex IVR navigation & handle standard customer interactions enabling human resource to focus on more specific interactions

Tackle Support Tickets

Follow-up with latent support tickets to gather more data, redirect customers to the right agent and update ticket status

Lead Generation and Qualification

Voice calling to generate and qualify leads after they've contacted on the website or app, transferring quality leads to the sales team

Renewal and Payment Reminders

Automatically remind customers to make credit card or EMI payments, renew insurance policies, or reorder essentials


Handles high volume of interactions 24x7 without any fatigue or bias

Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience gets enhanced with no wait time and accurate handling of queries

Features & Capabilities

Versatile On Premise Or Cloud Deployment

Can be deployed on cloud or on premise for highly regulated industries to maintain data privacy

Accurate & Fast Technology

Highly accurate speech recognition and human like text to speech. It functions real-time without any lags, to understand customer intent and provide the necessary information quickly

Multi Lingual

It supports English, vernacular Indian languages as well as global languages, enabling organizations to address a large base of customers spread across geographies

Customisable Interactions

The call flow and response is completely customisable. Thus, AVA-Call Center can support use cases for any business domain

Easy Integration

Can be easily integrated into conventional telephony systems