AVA - Auto is a new-age smart virtual agent for hands-free interaction in all vehicle categories. It allows the drivers to execute various in-vehicle functions through simple voice instructions.


Safe Driving

AVA - Auto is paving the way for a safer driving experience by letting you control your vehicles through voice controls

Online, Offline
& Hybrid Connectivity

Configurable between multiple connectivity options for enhanced customer experience

Excellent User Experience

Enhance user experience by removing complexity from in-vehicle functions through natural voice commands

Customised Wake Word

Enhance brand image and deepen customer connections by identifying a wake word to interact with AVA - Auto

Available in Major Indian Languages

AVA - Auto can listen and speak in multiple Indian languages, solving for the numerous Indian accents & dialects

Get Over the Air Updates

Updates are delivered wirelessly, driving user experience improvement through easy to push regular updates

Features & Capabilities

Natural Dial-in Function

Connect phone via bluetooth to dial numbers and send text messages using voice commands

Entertainment Function

Play, pause and take full control of music in the vehicle's infotainment system by speaking to it naturally

Temperature Control

AVA-Auto can turn the AC on/off, adjust temperature and fan speed on simple commands

General Controls

Ask for the weather, schedule a meeting in calendar or launch third party apps

Special Controls

Special controls for electric cars, offline navigation support, third-party online solutions for news, restaurant suggestions and much more


AVA-Auto, in collaboration with What3words, brings in innovation and technological advancements in the automotive market. What3words is the simplest way to identify a location with unique 3 word addresses

Platform Agnostic

Compatible with Linux and Android Automotives OS with single-core and dual-core processor support